is-6.jpegWelcome to Spider Search

Would you like to learn about spiders? That is what this site is all about. You will become a SPIDER EXPERT! Let's Get Going.

is-3.jpegLet's Begin: First your teacher will give you a KWL chart. Write down everything you already know about spiders. Then write down everything you want to learn about spiders. Save the last box for when you are finished with this page.

I often find spiders in my house. Do you? Where else do spiders live?

Click on this link and read to find out where spiders live. Click your back button to return here. Spider Homes

What spider is the MOST poisonous in the USA? Click here to find out. Poison Spider is.jpeg

What is the name of the biggest spider? Click here to find out. Big Spider

Are you learning a lot? I am. Let's learn some more.

Did you know that insects have 6 legs. How many legs does a spider have? Look at the chart to learn the parts of a spider.


Click this spider to learn about spiders.

Spider hunts for food

is-2.jpeg If spiders have 8 legs, are they an insect? Let's read to find out what spiders are called?

Click on this link to find the answer. Group Name

While you were reading did you see how many years a spider lives? If not go back and find the answer.

One spider can live to be 15 year old. What spider was that? Go back to the link above to find the answer.

Would you like to see some spiders. Click here to see a spider slideshow.
Click here

is-1.jpeg Now it's time for us to show what we have learned.

Use the third row on your KWL chart to write down everything you have learned about spiders. You can go back and visit the web sites on this page if you need to. Give your KWL chart to your teacher.

Now it's time to have some fun.

You can practice your click and drag skills by putting this spider puzzle together.

Be sure to change puzzle cut to 6 pieces to begin.

Click here to start

Hope you had fun and learned a lot too.